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  • The Euro Rack accommodates Euro format modules as well as "API" 500 and 51X format modules whether they are supplied with 16V or 24V.

    As an option, an adapter is available for connecting the 500 module connector to the backplane connector of the rack. A small plate compensates for the width of the 500-51X modules.

    Two power connectors.

    A 4-pin Amphenol C016 connector for voltages specific to Euro modules.

    A standard 51X XLR7 connector for voltages specific to 500-51X modules.

    The backplane printed circuit includes, apart from the H15 DIN41612 connectors:

    - Inter-module "link" switches

    -Gnd-Lift jumpers for each input and output connector

    -The location for a

    connector allowing the optional insertion of the module for reporting power supply voltages by LED and the 320V time delay required for tube electronics.

    EURO Rack for 8 Modules

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    • Characteristics


      • Euro standard rack : 3U / 84F.
      • Depth 360mm
      • Space available between the backplane and the rear side of the XLR connectors : 10cm. Possible addition of crosspieces for fixing various optional elements.
      • H15 DIN 41612 backplane connectors spaced every 10F (5.08cm).
      • Slots available for 8 mixed 10F or 500-51X modules.
      • Power rails available : +320V, -10V, +12V, +48V, +16V, -16V, +24V, -24V, Ground, Chassis.
      • Track for " link » equipped with switches between each module.
      • Ground disconnect jumpers on all XLR inputs and outputs.
      • 7-pin XLR connector for power supplies : 48V, +16V, -16V, +24V, -24V.
      • 4-pin Amphenol C016 connector for power supplies : +320V, -10V, +12V.
      • 4F module for reporting power supply voltages by LED and 30s time delay for HT 320V as an option.
      • 500-51X Expansion and Conversion Module / Euro optional.
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