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  • In the complete kit, all the parts necessary for the assembly of the DUO are included in the package: Chassis, all the  screws, 102 capacitors, 133 resistors, 81 active elements (transistors, integrated circuits, diodes, regulators, thermistors, diode bridges, etc.) in total 600 parts in the kit including the screws.




    The DUO is a dual mic preamp in 1U of rack space, which is rare for a tube device.

    Its lateral natural convection allows the stacking of several machines without ventilation space. The transfer of the microphone inputs on the front panel with integrated jack for instrument and DI function facilitates wiring without having to go behind the rack. 

    A 4th position of attenuation compared to the original REDD47 gives 47dB of Gain: 0, -6, -12, -18dB.
    The output volume at the end of the chain offers the possibility of saturation of the input with the control of the output level.
    The regulation circuits of the filament voltages and high voltages separated by channel allow the limitation of crosstalk. A "Soft Start" system regulates the rise of the high voltage and filaments gently for 3 minutes, eliminating the electric shocks inflicted on the tubes (in a traditional power supply)  in order to significantly increase its lifespan.

    A real plus has been added to the DUO: the possibility of separately switching the microphone inputs to line inputs  allowing to use the DUO as an insert on a mix or a bus (master, drums, strings etc) and to give it this inimitable color of the two pentode tubes EF86 and double triode 6922  associates.

    Available assembled or as a complete kit or partial kit

    DUO | complete kit

    Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Nominal gain XLR mic input @ 47dB
      Bandwidth: 20-20Khz @ -1dB
      Typical phase shift: -2.2°

      • 0.13% @0dB into 600 Ohms
      • 0.23% @ +4dB into 600 Ohms
      • 0.75% @ +12dB into 600 Ohms

      DI input gain (instrument) @ 27dB
      Background noise brought back to input: -123dB
      Crosstalk between two modules: immeasurable, lower than background noise
      Mic Input Impedance Lo-Z @ 150 Ohms
      Hi-Z Mic Input Impedance @ 3K Ohms
      Output impedance: 600 Ohms

      Dimensions: 410mm x 480mm x 25mm D x W x H
      Weight : About 6Kg
      Finish: Aluminum case

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