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  • Rack for powering the Quarante Sept modules, as well as modules in 500 and VPN format (DIY).

    The Euro rack power supply consists of a set of switching power supplies capable of supplying the following voltages:

    +320V, +48V, +24V, -24V, +16V, -16V, +12V, -10V.

    These voltages are required to power the RetroBox tube modules and the API 500 and 51X format modules.

    Food is enough dimensioned to power two Euro Racks and their sixteen modules, all categories combined.

    Apart from the cable who feeds it in "mains", cables terminating in 7-pin XLR connectors are 51X standard. The cables carrying the voltages needed by the RetroBox modules terminate in 4-pin Amphenol C016 connectors.


    It should be notified that the switching power supply providing +320V has been the subject of a particular development specific to RetroBox.

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