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  • LE QUARANTE SEPT is a modular mono microphone preamp in EURORACK format, which is rare for a tube device. You will need a EURORACK rack to receive it, wich allowing to receive up to 8 modules on 3U high.
    This preamplifier can give 47dB gain to a low amplitude audio signal: a microphone for example or a musical instrument. It combines the warm sound of the triode with the slightly more “marked” sound of the pentode, for an extraordinary result.
    On the front panel, we have integrated a 6.35 jack DI function for high impedance instrument. The gain of the DI is then 27dB. A 4th attenuator position has been added compared to the original REDD47 gives 47dB of Gain: 0, -6, -12, -18dB. The output volume offers the possibility of saturation of the input with the control of the output level. The power supply regulation circuits of the filament and high voltage voltages on each channel allow the limitation of crosstalk.

    A "Standby" system delays the arrival of high voltage in the two tubes that compose it: an EF86 pentode and a 6922 double triode.

    The input and output transformers are Jensen, the diagram respects the pure tradition of the famous preamp used by the Beatles, the REDD47. This preamplifier was designed by Denis Pinchedez, a discreet yet major player in the world of audio in France.


    High-end manufacturing: State of the art manufacturing: These modules are assembled by us with high-quality, sorted components.


    This product is also available as a kit. (DIY)

    Kits are shipped with all parts mechanical and electronics necessary for the complete manufacture of the module, as well as a online documentation facilitating assembly.


    LE QUARANTE SEPT: Eurorack Cartridge Mono Preamp

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    • Nominal gain XLR mic input @ 47dB
      DI input gain (instrument) @ 27dB
      Bandwidth: 20-20Khz @ -1dB
      Typical phase shift: -2.2°

      • 0.13% @ 0dB into 600Ω
      • 0.23% @ +4dB into 600Ω
      • 0.75% @ +12dB into 600Ω

      Signal to noise ratio brought back to the input: -123dB
      Crosstalk between two modules: immeasurable, lower than s/n ratio
      Mic input impedance Lo-Z @ 150Ω
      Hi-Z mic input impedance @ 3KΩ
      Output impedance: 600Ω

      Dimensions: D x W x H 410mm x 480mm x 102mm
      Weight: About 3Kg
      Finish: Aluminum case


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